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epiphone zephyr regent


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In spite of the mis-spelled "wirkmonship" (workmanship)..it's still a very nice looking guitar,,

and those jade green/snot green asian kluson style tuners make it look cool.

It's puzzling that there is no decal sn on the back of the headstock..

but in any case, it's still a nice archtop.

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Now here's the confusing part..is it really accurate historically as far as

an Epiphone Zephyr Regent.


According to my book "The House of Stathapoulo", the

Zephyr Regent Electric (circa '53) had block position markers and a venetian

cutaway..not the florentine as above. It had the Master pickup

with volume/tone controls. The Gibson-Epiphone Deluxe and Triumph

both had the rounder venetian style cutaway. Only the '63 Sorrento and

Granada cutaways had the sharp florentine cutaways.


The florentine (sharp cutaway) is more a Gibson styling reminiscent of the ES-175,

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