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Replacing with Benedetto A-6


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I have what looks like a Zephyr Regent circa 2008.


The thing feeds back like crazy. Wondering if I installed a Benedetto A-6 jazz pickup' date=' would that cut down on the problem. [/quote']


How at what volume level are you getting feedback? Full bodies do feedback if you

are close to the amp..that is the nature of them..it's acoustic feedback.


The Bendetto A6 is a 4 conductor style with the metal cover and pole piece screws.

There is also the B6 version (no polepieces)which is more for jazz, so it depends on what style

of music you would be playing on it. They also make a P.A.F style which would

also be good on the Zephyr Regent.



BTW..Epiphone NYC, called some of their cutaway models 'Regents",

(Zephyr De Luxe/Zephyr De Luxe Regent),

so the word use was synonomous with the cutaway versions.


In 1954, the Zephyr DeLuxe was discontinued . The Zephyr De Luxe Regent was renamed the Deluxe Electric

and was produced up until 1957 when Gibson bought them out.

Interesting enough Epiphone Kalamazoo produced the Deluxe and Triumph archtop

acoustics for a few years, as they were still listed in the 1965 Epiphone catalog.


Very fine acoustic instruments. I had a 69 Triumph acoustic archtop which

I electrified myself with DeArmond SC back in '69-70.


I still don't know why we haven't seen a modern day version of the De Luxe,

which was one of the finest guitars next to the Emperor in it's day.

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