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Valve Jr to Poweramp ??


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Hello all. As of Thursday, I will be the new owner of a Valve Jr. and a Triggerman 412 cabinet.

I understand the benefits and drawbacks of a 5 watt amp. I recently had a Blackstar HT-5 for a bit. I loved the tone but the lack of stage volume killed me. Even though we miked it, I couldn't hear it during shows which made things difficult.


Here is my question. I know that tube amps require a load (plugged in to a cabinet) so they do not overload. What I

would like to know is how to set up my chain like this:


VJr > Poweramp > Cabinet


What would I need (if anything) to put in between the Amp out and Poweramp in?


My goal is to amplify the sound from the VJr with the poweramp to push the Triggerman.


Thanks in advance.


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You'll simply need to install a post-OT line out on the VJr (and some small cab as a load). Alternatively, you can build a post-OT line out into a RatShack project box and use it with any amp. The external box version requires two extra jacks (3 total) and an extra speaker cable. See the SEwatt FAQ's schematic section for a few examples of loops and line outs.


I an external line out box with my low watt VJr (and others) to feed the FX loop returns on other amps. Works REALLY good, too, cuz you can get your tone and then boost it up to whatever venue sterilizing volume you need.



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I am new the modding scene so I will have some questions along the way.

Is there anything that I can purchase to do what CGIL stated I need?


I know some attenuator supply a dummy load AND come with a line out.

Would that be the best path?


VJr. > Atten > Atten LineOut > External Poweramp

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Dummy loads tend to dummy up the tone and the feel of power tubes something awful. Even a cheep little inefficient car speaker to provide a proper reactive load will allow the power tube to feel right when you play; and it will sound right, too, at least through the DI out.


Here's a popular solution. The cab simulator can be switched off, which is important if you're feeding the signal to another power amp with speakers instead of a mixing board. Check the last review for a report on that particular usage of it.




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No, you will still need a speaker (or dummy load attenuator if ya gotta).


Yes. This is an "in-line" device; so you plug in a speaker cable from the amp's speaker jack to this GI-100 box, and plug another speaker cable from the GI-100 box to the actual speaker.


Then you plug a guitar cable (or other interconnect cable) from the line out jack on the GI-100 box to the input of another amp (preferably an FX loop return), or to an input on a mixer board, or to your computer's line-in.


Check the manual and read all about it here. http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/GI100.aspx



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I suppose my main issue it this.


I really enjoy the sound I get from the Vave Jr and the Triggerman 412 cab I have.

I run a Boss GT-10 for effects. Normally, I keep the Boss in the effects loop. As I have not

modded the Valve Jr to have a loop, I am going right in front of the amp and still enjoying the sound.


My only concern is at band volume. My Blackstar HT5 could not keep up with the band. I would mic it

for the gigs, but my stage volume was crap. Depending on where we play, sometimes I can mix the guitar

in with the vocals in the monitors, but usually I am relying on the amp to hear myself.


Two Options:



- These amps are so inexpensive, How would the volume be if I ran my guitar to a splitter and ran 2 Valve JRs in parallel?

My cab can run in stereo, so I could have them both pumping out on either side.


- The other option I see is running the Valve JR to an unpowered monitor that has a line out. Go line out to my

external poweramp to 412 cabinet.


What is the boards thoughts on either of the above options?

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You might try just two of the speakers. the top two.. I'm not sure... but that's a lot of paper for five watts to be pushing and you could be losing some volume there..

you'd still get your sound but maybe a bit more..

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