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Epiphone 1934 Deluxe Masterbuilt Ser# 7664


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I have the above guitar..purchased and played by my grandfather in england spain and canada in various orcestras.

I was planning on selling it. What is a good location for same.The label inside the Bass Clef hole reads Epiphone Deluxe Masterbuilt and gives the Ser # 7664 narrow width of body 11 5/8". wide width of body 16 7/8" Body length 20 1/2".















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Please try using something like Photobucket to uplink the pictures so we can see what you truely have.

Please post pictures of the headstock, the neck, front body, inside the soundhole of any labels, the binding on the body and a full view of the back and then we can determine from that the approximate value and if it should be listed with someone like Christies Auction or one of many Vintage dealers ( but be prepare to see some money disappear as much as 25% ) or if E-bay could be another option.Ship

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Hey westcoastb, need some better pictures of it ,firstly the neck, need to see the inlays on it ,the back of the head and the whole back of the guitar, looks similar to a Emperor but I am thinking maybe a Ritz but the dates don't match up and can you tell us or a much better picture of the label inside( what does the label say and any numbers or names in there ), so a touch more info please.ship

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Hi westcoastb - congratulations, nice and valuable guitar! Was your grandfather a well-known player?

It would indeed help to see better pictures of the fretboard and label. Serial number 7664 indicates c. 1934, and what I can tell from the photos the guitar matches the features of a 1934 Epiphone De Luxe - the top model of the Epiphone archtop line at the time. The combination of block letter headstock logo, headstock volute, segmented f-holes, rope-style body binding, and white pickguard are typical for a De Luxe of this vintage. Gold plated tailpiece, rosewood bridge and finish look original (but finish pretty worn), tuners are newer replacements. The guitar may need some restoration. If you want to sell I recommend to contact a reputable dealer specializing in vintage archtop guitars. Please contact me if you are looking for some further advice in this matter. Good luck!



below I inserted some of your photos - I only see two fretboard inlays, are some missing?

And has it got its original case?





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