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Masterbilt AJ500 RENS? Cant find them anywhere


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The AJ-500RENS is an Advanced Jumbo with rosewood back and sides, with pickup, in natural satin.


The AJ-500MENS is an Andanved Jumbo with mahogany back and sides, with pickup, in natural satin.


The only difference is the back and side wood.


Most stores don't advertise the "NS" as part of the model name, because they list several finish options together.



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I was looking for a Masterbilt recently and encountered the same problem!


I have read conflicting information on whether the Masterbilts are still being made. I recently bought what must have been the last AJ-500MENS from Musicians Friend and now no online retailer that I've seen has them in stock. At least a couple of people have posted on various sites that they have been told the line is discontinued and Epiphone is only selling what is already manufactured. The Epiphone site doesn't provide much info. I was originally looking for mine in sunburst, which is listed on the site. I e-mailed Epiphone about a month ago and they confirmed that the sunburst is no longer being made.


Also found out the gloss finish is only available on the AJ-500s without electronics!

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