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Guest icantbuyafender

OK... so I took the BB1 and BB2 out of my LP classic in my avatar.


I put them in the LP Ultra.


Now, I plan on putting in a 490R/T set or 496R/500T.


For heavy rock, what would be better... LP classic (heavy sucker) with 496R/500T or the ultra (light as a feather) with 496R/500T???


Or should i just go tried and true by dropping in a 490R/T like i have and love in my LP std?


dunno if I need to have a screaming gain guitar... maybe?


Input welcome, guys

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Guest icantbuyafender

So i have a real love and hate relationship with EMGs...


I put in the set i have, 81/60, and well, I think they were meant for my classic. (see user pic)


wow. Im shocked i like them. glad i kept em around.


This is by no means me retracting anything ive said about EMGs that was negative.


Meh, theyre ok :]

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