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Hey Rick


Still on the edge of my seat waiting for your review! Maybe you couldn't stop playing the new Texan [biggrin]


It'd be good to hear from you soon


All the best' date=' Matt




Well I couldn`t wait any longer, so yesterday I went out and bought my own! I spent a couple of hours or so in Dawson`s Music (Chester) and tried a few. First thing I will say, is that they look really good from a cosmetic point of view, but in terms of tone they do vary, with the one that I bought being a far better sounding, and lighter in weight guitar. I am in the process of replacing the Nut & Saddle with Bone items, because I don`t think those on this guitar are. The plastic bridge pins are going as well, and although the Wilkinson made Tuners on a strip, actually work better than the Tuners I have on my Lennon 65 Casino, I am going to replace those as well, with a set of Tone Pro`s that I have set by. Once done I will give a full review, with pic`s.




PS the price of £299.99 (no case though) is a no brainer at the moment, and I was told that price will go up soon.

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Just a follow on from the previous post. The nut & saddle are bone, so I just dressed the parts and put them back on. The Wilkinson Tuners, are not that different to the Tone Pro`s, so they are staying as well, plus the Tone Pro`s don`t fit unless I redrill. One thing I did find which is odd, is that the holes for the tuners on the h/stock, are not in a straight line, which they should be to accomodate the three in a line plate! New strings are going on tonight, and a full review with pictures will be going on either tomorrow or Sunday.

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Cool' date=' thanks Red that makes sense - I just got me a Lefty Macca Texan[biggrin']


- used tho, no case and no certificate [angry]


however .......I've been after an interesting lefty acoustic for about six months now, let me tell ya its really difficult at the moment if your a lefty with waiting lists of six months etc. if your after something a bit special


- so I took a gamble on this little fella, the best part was it was less than $600! thats gotta be a good deal....


- I won't have it until March when I got out to USA and bring it back - its gonna be staying with my friend till then. I'm just so pleased I got one, never thought I would get one this cheap, no case and certificate is a bummer, got a new one thrown in tho.


- but at the end of the day I just want this to play and after all thats what they're made for - right?

Did you buy it from Guitar Center?


There was one on their used page for $580 for a while. I was told it had a repaired crack on the back (which is apparently relatively common, as I've seen another one locally with the same repair).

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Hi yeh thats the one,


It does have a hairline in its back about 6" long. I got them to send some pics and I sent them to a local repair shop who deals with fixing violins and all sorts of string instruments they're going to sort it out.

I got a roadrunner case for it, I think the case is meant for roundback guitars but seems to fit really well. Its with my friend in Hollywood at the mo, I'm gonna go out and get it in March.


I'll post some pics and write a bit on it at the end of March. I can't wait to see whats its like.




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