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Scratch Plates.


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I once fitted a G310 scratchplate to my old G400, the line up wasn't perfect but noone else had an Epi G400 with a full scratchplate so it didn't really matter! They are quite cheap so it's prob a good idea to buy one and place it on the guitar to see if you like it BEFORE you drill the screw holes!

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Might get one. What colour would you get or think is the best colour?

Personally I like the look of the black on your red. If you wanted the pick guard to stand out more, go with a white one. It really is a personal taste thing and only you can say what you like.


As far as my former response to whether the pick guard could go straight on, I was responding to getting a replacement made, not to Fantana's idea of using another model's pick guard. I'll leave that respnse to Fantana as he's done the work once already, but my money is with "straight on"!


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I think I just unscrewed the pickup surrounds and lifted the whole pickup assembly and pulled through the holes in the scratchplate' date=' very easy.


The official epi spares distributor sells them for £19.35 + postage (£5)









Thanks, they look like they go straight on.

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I have an Epiphone SG just wondering if you can put a Gibson scratch plate on' date=' i hate the little half plate.[biggrin']


To each his own, I suppose.


The "little scratch plate" is part of the appeal, in my opinion!


Anyway, isn't the G-400 supposed to be an approximation of a '62 SG reissue?

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I recently fitted a full face pickguard to my G400. I printed this template from Terrapin guitars, cut it out and tested to see if it would fit.



It fitted pretty well, so I took it to a local engraver and had it made. Because I supplied the drawing to work from, it was very cheap. It's not perfect, but it's pretty close, and I bet you couldn't tell unless I pointed it out. I suggest you print that template, and if it fits, then have Terrpain make it, it's not overly expensive.


Of course, just because it worked well for my guitar, doesn't mean it will for yours. There are variances between any guitar. You won't find an off the shelf solution, take it from someone who's been there. Having one made is your best bet. Fitment is easy, you simply remove the pickup rings, fit the new pickguard, drill a few new holes, and you're done. I moved the selector switch down slightly, so it's inline with the stop tailpiece. This gave a lot more clearance between the pickguard and switch ring, and you can't tell, because the ring covers the slotted portion of the hole. Looks totally stock.


Here's a pic of my guitar with the full face guard.




I personally don't have a preference. I like the small pickguard too, on some guitars, but I grew tired of it, and decided to change. I think it looks great.

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sketchy if you could trace your stock guard out for me.. I'd be willing to make it worth your while.

I have a guy who needs an epi sg guard that size and we can't find a template anywhere..

it'd have to be as accurate as you could make it.. on white paper with a sharp pencil.. point towards the edges. get all the screw holes..


oh no wait.. you have the small guard don't you.

dang. I need a template of the wide one.

been looking all over.



anybody got an sg with the big style guard they'd trace for me...

I'll make you a new guard really really cheap !


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Twang - I can help you out... just happen to have my mint original '66 style guard (still in the plastic I think), Be happy to do some swappin' out just let me know how to get the tracing, (or?), to ya. I'm kinda needin' another small guard at the moment anyway so I'm sure we can work something out. One thing though... this '66 G-400 guard is from one of the first of that type before all production went to China. This one is Korean; Unsung. Let me know how we need to proceed.......Happy Holidays



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