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ES 335 P90


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I've just bought one of these and can't find much info on them. I heard there were only 75 made. Is that true?

Mine is faded cherry s/n 01338715 Model No.HB003M




Does this guitar have one or two P90s? It's not clear from your post. And are they soapbar or dog-ear?


Is it definitely a 335 i.e. with the block down the middle of the body?


There was a small number of ES330s made with a single dog-ear P90; normally they had two. The 330 has a fully hollow body.



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Robin; I feel there is a misunderstanding about my query. The guitar is brand new and definitely a 335 with 2 P90's.

i was really asking the Custom Admin if they could confirm that there were only 75 made,but as you can see,they have no info.

I saw them advertised on (I think) Musician 123 and they were described as being a limited run of 50! Confused?!!

I got mine at Coda Music in the UK. It's very versatile with the P90's.Clear and twangy if you want,tough and bluesy/rocky too.

I did find that the ABR1 bridge was rattling,so replaced it and the tailpiece studs with TonePros nickle parts,and it's made a really good guitar even better IMO.

If I'm really honest,I feel the Vintage Steel locking tailpiece studs make the most difference tonally,but the bridge buzz was annoying,and that's now gone. I'd previously changed the hardware on my '02 R8,and found the same tonal improvement on that.Others will no doubt have different opinions!

It has 2 dogear P90's and is faded cherry with aged binding. A really good alternative to the 'buckered 335. Chris

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