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Epiphone broadway crack on the back of neck


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Hi' date=' I have found a crack on the back of the neck on my Epiphone Broadway. I was wondering if this is anything to worry about or weather it is just that the laquer is cracked? Here is a picture as my avatar as i am unable to post a pic. many thanks, Jim[/quote']


Hmmm..yours is painted black, but Epiphone Broadways have maple necks,

and my Elitist Broadway has a 3 piece maple one with the heel and neck made from

one piece of wood. I don't know how the painted version of the neck is though..

it could be two pieces of maple glued together at that point where the crack is.


If that is the case, it also could be just a "lacquer" check/crack at the glue joint since

any stress between two pieces of wood would show up there, although the finish on modern

Epiphone Broadway is polyurethane.


If the glue joint is comprimised, the crack may be more apparent with time, but it's not going

to collapse on you being a maple neck. You could have a luthier look at it for a professional

opinion, but offhand, I don't believe it is major enough to worry about it now..at least

not where it is. I've seen Gibsons with cracks in the heel that still played fine and nothing

was done to remedy the crack.

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