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Best guitar strings for an Epi LP custom?


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you can choose from a lot of strings ... different people hear differently!

I like Everlys on mine.

I like the way they stay bright, and they seem to last longer than others.

For less expensive strings, I use the musicians friend brand, musicians gear... you can get them pretty cheap!


You should be able to find a youtube or pictorial on a website showing how to restring...


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Honestly, there isn't much difference in quality between top brand strings. D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley, GHS... These are all fine brands. Most are probably made in the same factory. I've used D'Addario for more than 15 years but if I find another brand on sale I usually pick up a couple of packs.

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i'm sold to the Ernie Ball 10-52 I put on all my guitars. (gibson or fender scale.) It's still easy to bend strings on the treble side and it stays straight on high energy powerchords by the low side.


I've tried the same gauge in D'Addario and GHS and the Ernie had the sparkle I like.

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VERY subjective. I use Elixir or D'Addario, myself. But, I like Pyramid strings, too

(They're just harder to find, and more expensive).

What kind of music you play (Rock, Jazz, Country, etc.) can (sometimes) be a factor,

too...Flatwounds, round wounds, "half-round" wounds, and all that. Jazz folks

(the ones I know) like heavier "Flat wounds," quit often. Country pickers like round

wound "Twangy" sounding strings...I know this is a gross "generalization," but it's only

illustrative...not carved in stone. With Rock players, it could be almost any, or a combination.

The great thing is, they can be changed, often, and without too much expense.


So...try a bunch!



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After trying just about every string on the market I settled on D'Addario 8-38 yrs ago and use them exclusively on all 24 of my guitars,I use 10-46 on my acoustics.I have found that D'addarios hold their new string brightness longer and stay in tune better even after aggressive bending or vibrato use.As for tuning I find that replacing one string at a time a lot easier and quicker especially for someone not used to it.


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I don't really like D'Addario round wounds. They don't seem to last very long, and they take a lot of stretching to bed them in so they'll maintain stable tuning. I do like the half round D'Addarios though, I use them on my Strat and Casino for a more vintagey, twangy sound.


The best round wounds I've found are DR Pure Blues. These are nickel wire wrapped around a nickel core, but even the nickel plated steel ones are great. Once you put them on, play for 5-10 mins, and retune, and the tuning will remain consistent and stable. The compression winding technique used to manufacture them makes them sustain forever, and they seem to last ages too. If you think D'Addarios are good, you'll probably love these even more!


Of course, strings are entirely a personal preference, and the only way to find out what you like is to try a few different brands and gauges when you do a string change.

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As indicated, this is a very personal and subjective topic, but...I really like Elixir Nano's and Cleartones about equally. I use 10's. Both of these seem to last about the same length of time, hold their tuning well, etc. Yeah, they're a little more $$, but they last a little longer too, at least I think so. Your mileage may vary! [biggrin]

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I'll be serious then..



the Everlys last a long time for me.. they loose a little brightness, which I like them to after a bit of use.. but they seem to not only keep the high end

they do it for a long time and uniformly.

I like that.. that I can have them on a long time and they seem to get darker uniformly.. and slowly.



Part of the personal thing with strings is how you sweat.

I have a dry sweat.. not acid.

I know guys whose sweat eats the chrome their guitar.. corrodes their screw heads.. etc.

And I think how your sweat affects the strings makes a difference, too.

Not sure there's a specific way to get around it, but I bet some people have tried and decided what works best for them.

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