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Need Help... 1967 Gibson Epiphone 6732


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If it is an Epi 6732 than It could not have been made in 1967 in Kalamazoo.


It would be one of the early Made-in-Japan Epis from the 1970s. For information you might look under Epiphone FT-130 which is what the model number was changed to later on in the decade.


For what its value is- the best way to check is to do a search of completed EBay auctions. This will put you in the ballpark.

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6732E was a model number used on Aria guitars 1969-1971 that were re-branded and sold as Epiphones when the first wave of imports appeared c. very late1970. Between 1970 and 1971 this was sold as an Epiphone model. In 1972 the 6732 became the FT-120. The FT-120 stuck around until about 1979. These instruments were completely laminated "000" bodies and were made by Matsumoku in Japan (Never in Kalamazoo). Today their valuation is ~$125-$150 condition dependent.

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