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Epiphone sighting


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Can't seem to find any information, but it looks like a black "Texan" in specs

(slope shoulderd, texan style inlays in the fingerboard, and headstock, which

seems to be pre-1963 in shape), except for the strange double pickguard.

Might have been special made/ordered, for Graham Nash. Maybe some of the

"Vintage Experts" here, can tell you? But, I haven't found anything, like it, on

the Internet...yet, anyway.



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Have only just found this topic so forgive me for being very late.


This is Graham Nash`s "Black" Epiphone FT-79 Texan which dates to 62/63 (The 61 model didn`t have the ADJ saddle, or the smaller Epiphone name on the h/stock. And during 63 the H/stock shape changed to the more common hourglass shape).


From what information I can gather, this guitar was originally sunburst, and Graham had all the custom work done himself. He used the guitar throughout his time in the Hollies, and into the early days of CSN&Y.


I don`t know if he still owns the guitar or not, but it certainly looks striking.



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If memory serves, this video was recorded during the recording session for this song at Abbey Studios. It's been 40 something years since I've seen board faders like that! That may be the set up that Lenny Kravitz bought a few years ago. Beautiful old tube powered equipment. Nothing sounds like it. A lot of the later overdriven guitar stuff that the Beatles did went directly through the board, not an amp, and came close to frying it several times.

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