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what do you guys (and gals) think of this guitar (Danelectro content)


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It looks uhm' date=' ... different.


Reminds me of Hendrix for some reason.


Must be the colors.[/quote']


It reminds me of how much i want to through it out of the top floor of a 100000000 story building and watch it crash into the ground. i mean look at it! REALLY??

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well I am a fan of this guitar...it was the first electric I bought when they reissued them about 6 or 7 years ago, sadly I sold it but for this price it ant half bad....but I would go for this color over that one




and then they stepped it up even more with what they are calling there Danelectro Modified Factory Spec 1959 Reissue Electric Guitar (Black) the bridge was always what i hated about this guitar, I could not stand that acoustic style bridge but this is pretty cool and I think they are both going for around $350 at musiciansfriend





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I'm guessing you've just come out of your LSD induced stupor from Woodstock?


Seriously Too loud for me but as long as you dig it who cares?


Never cared for Dano's till I saw this guy playing his, that is a sweet looking guitar to me,




his talk box playing is cool too...........


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Now, I appreciate a good psychedelic color scheme as much as anybody, BUT:


1) You don't want it on the fingerboard. Even Clapton figured that out and stripped it off his custom "Fool" SG's fingerboard.


2) This one looks like a Deadhead threw up all over it


3) It's a Danelectro [biggrin][angry]:-&

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