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I am looking to buy a used Sheraton and was given this Serial Number: 9081530


What can you tell me about this guitar from this?


Also' date=' it looks like the SN is a sticker on the back of the headstock instead of painted on. Is this normal?





It's an early Korean model made by Samick, really nice guitars. The earliest ones were made in 1986 and had Epiphone by Gibson on the headstock like this:




They dropped the by Gibson around 1988, and by the early '90s the started stamping the serial # on the back of the headstock instead of putting them on little white stickers.


I'm not sure these serial #s follow any rhyme or reason, although some (like the guitar in question) do seem to fit the pattern. Others from this period don't. So the best indicator is the headstock. So here's what we know about these Sheratons for sure:


Serial #s on white stickers indicate that they were made by Samick in Korea 1986 - 1990 (approximately).


If the headstock says Epiphone by Gibson it was made between 1986 - 1988 (approximately).


If the headstock just says Epiphone it was made between 1989 - 1990 (approximately).


Welcome to the camp.

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Thank you.


The headstock looks like this:




Just says Epiphone and has a Gibson plate (what is this called?).


Truss rod cover. So it's a 1989 - 1990 Samick. Very nice. One thing to watch out for is the bridge. They're not the typical size, and difficult to find. Keep that in mind if it looks corroded or otherwise in poor condition.

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Are there any specific things I should look for when trying it out?


I've never bought a used guitar before.


Make sure the electronics work, the pickup switch, volume & tone knobs. Look at the frets, see if the overly worn or have indents. Play up & down the neck, make sure there's no buzzing. I already told you about the bridge, but it looks pretty good in the picture. Kick the tires, take it out for a spin, if it feels good, do it!!!

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Check the neck as well, where it meets the body. Look for cracks in the headstock and neck. Significant dents in body, fret condition (though if the guitar is badass enough I'll re-fret it and use it as a negotiating point, just like electronics) that kind of thing

I myself will buy a guitar with shitty electronics. That doesn't make a guitar, the wood wood and glue are the main things. Ever good guitar will need a re fret one day...

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