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a les paul special with a killswitch and extras!!!!! Gas it up!!!!


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so, i went to the local gc today and with did i see. a holiday special!!!!


Yes, an epiphone les paul special GT in satin black.


this thing was loaded wth cool extra's for a killer starter guitar or for anyone who wants something new.



--- kill switch on the tone pot. --pushdown and hold to kill---nice

--- the neck was nice and thinner than the jr and the other specials in the wall--plus trapziod inlays!!!!

--- funky tele style trem and bridge setup with mactching black trem arm

--- not sure of nut-- still could be plactic, sounded very nice with stock humbkers

--- same crappy tuners that u get on a jr or special.


it is heavier than i though from the looks of it. not sure on wood, and i did not ask. Maybe our resident gc employee can get us more info.


very upgradable on the stock tuners, pups and bridge. plus you get a cool pushdown kill switch pot

and nice inlays on a cheap guitar. price 199.00!!!! get the online coupon for doing a wishlist and bam!!! 10% off. They had 2 left at the local gc. I may have to pull the trigger!!!!






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