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Epiphone et280 bass Need Wiring Schematic

hammer head

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Hi there epi friends.

I recently acquired a trashed (modified) early 70's epiphone et-280 bass.

Unfortunately, the original pu's, pickguard, and electronics has been replaced by a medley of non-epi parts.

I am restoring the bass and was wondering if any of you at there can supply me with photos and/or description of the original wiring that this bass had in its original form. Description of pots, switches, etc. would be very helpful!!!


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Looks to be a very simple Master Volume-Master Tone-3 Way Switch layout

Yeah' date=' it's probably going to be something like this


Pots are probably going to be 500k log and any good quality switch and jacksocket (Switchcraft?) is going to to the job better than the originals which will be extremely hard to find. Why not mod it with dual concentric pots so that you have seperate volume and tone for each pickup.

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Many thanks, guys!

I want to keep the circuitry as "original" as possible, without buying expensive vintage components;

probably will buy switchcraft 2 way toggle and a volume and tone control. I think the pickguard was clear acylic plastic painted black on the reverse side. I need to find an original truss rod cover, as well. If anyone wants to shoot a photo of your basses pots, etc. that would be great (but might be too much of a pain). Again, thanks for the helpful input!

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