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Interesting Riviera top


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Epi's stock photos suck - they should fire their ad agency.


It's amazing how much nicer they are in person than on the Epi' date=' MF, GC, & SW web sites.


Almost don't look like the same guitars...[/quote']


If that's true I think they should!

I can't believe it's the same guitar. The one on the Epi site is meh, bland looking. The guitar in the pic above is dropdead gorgeous and gives me GAS... [biggrin]

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Saw this on the Ishibashi site. I've never seen this type of top and finish on a Riviera before. An LE for the Japanese market?




Yup, that's the Valensi alright. Although that's a pretty fancy top. Mine has a nice quilt on top, although not as intense as that flame. I think these guitars might be made at the Peerless factory; they have a unique factory code (22) and are made in Korea.


Very nice looking guitar, that one. Those P94s are wonderful pickups, by the way.



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