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Help With Korina SG problem

Robby Kills

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Hey guys, sorry if this isn't the right section of the forum for this, I just joined.


I have a 2000 Epiphone Korina SG that I bought used a few months ago. The other day I was playing it and I put it in it's hardshell case. I come back to play it yesterday and all the sudden the first few frets sound very tinny and dead, mainly on the B and e strings. I don't know what could of happened as it's been in my climate controlled home and I didn't rough it up or toss it around. The neck doesn't seem to be bent or anything either. Did the action just get messed up on it's own maybe? I dunno.


To top it off I just loosened all the strings and checked to see if the nut was loose or anything. As I was tightening them back up I managed to break the nut at the E string (the bass one, not the little treble one). I wonder if maybe the nut itself is just worn down or something. I don't know much about guitar repair or setting up a guitar beyond restringing. Either way it'll be going into the shop soon.


Thanks for reading!

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Those Korina SGs look good.


Sounds like that nut must have already been cracked and you just didn't notice it. As far as the e and b being too close to the frets goes, that could be down to :


A recent change to heavier strings

Lowering the bridge

Tightening the truss rod

Movement of the neck due to significant temperature change

Some sort of impact depressing one or more frets slightly


I'd be inclined to take it in for a replacement nut to be fitted, and ask them to do a full set up as well. They ought to check it all over anyway if they're replacing the nut. Hopefully it will just be a matter of tweaking truss rod / bridge.

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thanks yeah, it's a beautiful guitar! Plays sweet too (normally). I recently dropped it to standard C tuning for like, 20 minutes at most because my other guitar that was in that tuning was out of commission but I don't know if that would of done anything. I tuned it right back to normal standard shortly afterwards, it didn't sound great like that anyway, strings are too thin.


It's weird because yeah, there hasn't been any impact on it or anything, I did have a little problem shutting the case last time I did but that was just because I kept the strap on the guitar. I don't think there was any excessive pressure on the neck or anything though. Yeah when I take it in to get the new nut I'll talk to the guy about it.


Here's a picture of it for kicks

korina sg

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Sharp looking SG you have there!


Take it in, when you get the new nut made, the tech should be able to set you up properly as well. I often do a set up for a slight discount when people get other work done like that, but only if they are polite! Make sure you tell them your string gauge an playing style as well.

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Hey Robby,,welcome to the forum!!!Nice Korina you got there ,,Mines a 2003,,you dont see too many of em. I broke the nut on my Explorer the same place you broke yours. Not to worry ,,a new nut and a good set up should do the job on SG,,let us know . And yes ,,,here they are again folks just for grins,,,the Unholy TRinity,,God i love Korinas.



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Thanks Maniak, I saw that picture when researching the Korina SG online. I'm totally jealous!


I've only been playing for a couple years but I really liked the way a friend's Epiphone SG and Explorer played so I started looking for one for myself. I absolutely loved the color of the Korina ones so I started looking for them. Also a few people told me they were one of the better SG types Epiphone has ever made, particularly if you can get one made in Korea. I could only find them on eBay and was hesitant to get one without being able to try it.


Then I went to this cool used guitar shop thats in a house about 1.5 miles from my own house (Crossroads Guitar, Newark DE) and they had not only the Korina Explorer but the SG! 1.5 miles away! Needless to say I tried out the SG and put it on layaway (being a student will do that to you), that was back around August. It's been a great guitar other then this problem, which I'm sure is probably just a set up problem.


p.s. if you ever want to sell the Explorer hit a guy up...hahaha. Crossroads sold theirs shortly before I made the purchase of my SG.

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