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Difference between "T" and "R"?


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Sorry for such a dumb question, but what's the real difference between, say a Gibson P-94R (neck) and P-94T (bridge) pickup? I assume "R" stands for Rhythm and "T" stands for Treble or some such, but electrically is it just an output/windings difference or is there some other marketing voodoo going on?


The reason I ask is becasue Rocochet's post about the Ishibashi Riviera got me to thinking that I could mod my stock Riv with P-94s and a Mojo harness and have myself a Valensi on the cheap. Long Island Guitar Parts had a new P94R on sale yesterday for $75, and I snagged it, but the Ts are on backorder just about everywhere else.


Could I have just ordered two Rs and been just as happy or would that have been a mistake?

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