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upgrading Studio Dot


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So I've already decided to add a Bigsby Tremolo system to the Dot I recently purchased. However, I'm unsure as which model to get. From what I've found, the B7 is USA made, and the B70 and B700 are both imports. As long as I'm willing to spend the money, is the B7 the best choice?


Also, I plan to put a roller bridge in favor of the stock bridge, but I have no idea what would be an ideal brand/model?


Finally, I plan to replace both the tuners and nut, and have no idea what would be good choices for either of those. As far as tuners, what about Grover locking tuners? Any good? Or any other suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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Myself I would opt for the USA unit, the imports may work well but if I were spending the cash I'd go for the quality one.

As far as the Grovers I'd say good choice! I've been using Grovers on my axes for 30 years, I have some 20 year old ones on my '78 Melody maker that still work like new. Oh, and no matter what type of nut you use, be sure to put some pencil lead (graphite) in the string grooves so the strings don't bind. I once bought a Gibson LP Custom cheap because it wouldn't stay in tune and the pencil lead fixed it!

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The B7 and B70 are functionally identical. I have both and there's no operational difference, but there is a substantial cost difference.Grover locking tuners are very nice; have some, and they work well. Installing inlays is something any competent luthier should be able to do in less than a week.


However, I must ask, why do this to a Dot, especially a Studio? You'll be spending >$500 on a $300 guitar and it'll still be worth only marginally more than $300. BTW, there was an Epiphone Dot Deluxe out for a short period that had block inlays and a flametop. There was also an Elitist Dot. Those might be worth the upgrades, but you may want to consider selling the Dot and getting an Epi Wildkat or P93, or a Gretsch:




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What about a Sheraton?

Sheraton's are excellent guitars for the money and already have fancy inlays. I believe at least one forum member put a Bigsby on one at some point. You will have holes to cover from the stop tailpiece. Guitars with trapeze tailpieces leave no holes, and depending on the Bigsby model can be returned to stock with all drill holes hidden.


Here's one thread on Bigsby installations:




There are more, just type Sheraton and Bigsby into the "Search" page listed above.

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rotogrips are the usual choice.. you want to go full size.. you want the high ratio.. and you want the knob on the back and short peg shafts.

i have sperzels here and they have nothing on the grovers, except a higher price, IMO.


A dot is an excellent choice for your mods.

it will sound and play 95% of gibson at least.. if it were about resale value, it's an epiphone, they wont appreciate as much.

If it's about tone, go for it, you'll spend your money well.

A player you will have.



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I only have the dot studio and the sheraton..

the dot is warmer.. both have p90s.


The neck is thinner but mines an old one.. 17 years old.



I really don't mind the dots neck though. I got used to it real quick.


cosmetics.. and a ton of maple.. mine has a five piece maple and mahogany neck..

I dunno if the pickups are different..

Blondy is heavier than the dot.



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Dot has a warmer sound for sure and the Sheraton is brighter.


Dot neck has a thicker profile, Sheraton has a nice thin profile which I prefer. I don't mind the Dot neck, but I like the feel of the Sherry better.


Sheraton has a lot more bling. I put B70s and Wilkinson Roller bridges on both of mine and I haven't looked back. I don't have any problems keeping either guitar in tune because of the Bigsby. I did put Grover Vintage Green Keystones on my Dot, only for Aesthetics. I kept the same Grovers on my Sheraton and just changed the tuner buttons. I put some step pearloid buttons on it (Imperial like).


Not a Studio, but it's what I got:




My Sherry:



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