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Merry Christmas everyone!! So what DID you get?


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I got a Vox Pathfinder 15R combo from my wife. What a great little plug and play amp it is. Got tired of Pod's/V-Amps/Computer modelling where I seemed to spend most of my quality playing time ploughing through presets which, to my ears, all sound pretty much the same anyway. Now it's plug in, hit the volume control and away I go, no boot up time and no latency. Oh happy day.

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Epiphone 59 Les Paul Standard in Iced Tea!


Digitech RP55 Processor


Pack of Ernie Ball Strings


Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Maintenance and Setup Book


Gorgomyte Fretboard Cloth (if anyone hasnt tried it- its great!



Only a half hour into the 59.....and I can tell you- its an absolute superior Epiphone Les Paul!!

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Just the tab... And noooooo you can't eat yet!

Dammit, I'm hungry woman!! Wait a minute...

There is this weird big ol' black hunk of somethin'

or another..? Can't quite figure it out. Just sits

there and stares at me... Anybody be interested

in a trade? :) No batteries required...

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Got several books and CDs including: Epiphone - The Complete History (hard cover, out of print), The Modern Era of the Les Paul Legacy: 1968-2009, and Les Paul - The Best of the Capitol Masters: 90th Birthday Edition:




I also got myself a boatload of guitars, amps, pedals, mixing, monitoring, music and guitar repair paraphenalia earlier this year and no trouble from the wife. That's the best Xmas gift I could ask for.

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Guitar-wise... a pack of Fender Heavy pics and some Dunlop 65.


But musically, a pair of pencil condenser mics, some studio monitors, and Logic Express.


Plenty of CDs, Beatles Gear, and Pattie Boyd's "Wonderful Tonight."


[EDIT] I also got Paul Shaffer's "We'll Be Here For The Rest of Our Lives." Forgot about that.



If we're getting away from music, I got a handful of Blu-ray movies, a few seasons of a few TV shows, a couple of Wii games, and a new printer.

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Got a fender champ 600....sweet lil amp man, really makes my guitars sound nice, and to help it out I got a danelectro Fish N Chips EQ pedal, works superrr well, Great for my black heart but even better for the champ since it has only one nob, also got a pretty sweet amp cord called a zzyzx snap jack, its got magnetic tips like a mac book plug so if you trip over it it just disconnects ..........ohh and a telecaster ash tray cover for my tele.....all in all a pretty sweet haul!!! MerrY X MAS to all!! drink up!

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I got nothin musical this year but i am toying with the idea of putting couple of my my caah gifts together and turnng them into a transamber Les Paul.I mean i could pay bills with them instead ,,but what fun is that??



MY Noisemakers:

Epiphone 2008 Sg Custom Prophecy GX

Epiphone 2003 Korina G-400 Sg

Epiphone 1998 Korina Explorer

Epiphone 1998 Korina Flying V

BC Rich 1981 Maple Mockingbird Handmade

Ibanez 1976 Stratocaster

Gibson 1968 Les Paul Custom

Charvel Fretless Bass

Washburn Lyon P bass

Guild Madiera P-600 Jumbo Acoustic

Applause A-25 Acoustic

Chuan Yin Marina Mark 20SS classical

Carlo Robelli 5 string Banjo

Carlo Robelli Electric Violin

Kay Electric Mandolin

Lignatone Mandolin

Midiman Radium Keyboard

2 Marshall JTM-612 60 watt 1 12 Combos

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