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Which one the better?


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Hi all.. Merry X'mas..


WIsh u all da best for this end of year..



I'm wondering, which one is the best among:

1. Epi LP Std

2. Epi LP Std Plus

3. Epi LP Std Plus TOp


Whats the main or "obvious" differences?


Price-wise, what are the differences as well.. (USD)


Thanks all = )

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As far as I know, the "Plus" and "Plus Top" are the same thing. They have flamed maple veneers over the alder/maple/whatever it is cap.


The Standard is just a plain top without the flame veneer. Other than that, they're identical, other than price.



Another option is the "Les Paul Standard" is the Ebony finish, "Plus" is any transparent finish, and then "Plus Top" is the flame... but probably not.

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You asked about price...........I think they add about $100 for a 1/32" flame maple veneer, which will NOT effect the tone in any noticable way. It's just eye candy.

Another option is the '56 Gold Top, which has a mahogany body and mahogany top (no maple), and P-90 single coil pickups.

I own both, a LP Std. Plus(flame)Top and a '56 Gold Top, and between the 2, I personally GREATLY prefer the tone of the '56 GT..........it does buzz just a little bit (single coils) but when overdriven through a tube amp, it puts out an incredibly RAW tone that the Flame Top just can't touch.


Play as many variants as you can...........then decide for yourself.

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