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Epi Dot Pickup Selector Switch Trouble


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I'm new here and I've got a question. I have a two year old cherry Epi Dot with a bad pickup selector switch. The switch actually started givng trouble within two months of buying the guitar but I could always jingle it and get it to work. But now it seems stuck on the bridge p/u in both the middle and bottom position and the neck p/u is totally dead at the top position.


What is a good replacement for it and where can I buy it? I want one that 's a lot more reliable than the one that came with it! Has anyone else had this problem? What is the best way to fish this thing in and out of the guitar?



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Most major instrument retailers sell "Switchcraft" 3-ways online........locally, you can get a good 1 at Radio-Shack(generic, but better than broken).

As far as removal/installation, I believe you'll have to use the old string pull thru an F-hole method.........I may be wrong, but i've seen this come up a few times b4.

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Before you pull that switch, check this:


Many Epis have an open-frame Switchcraft type switch, as opposed to the metal boxed switch.

If one of the wires from the pickups to the pots, ground, or jack contacts the outside of the switch, it will ground one side of the switch, deadening one pickup. Wiring was secured at the factory using little plastic clips, whose adhesive lets go, allowing the wire to droop against the switch. Not an issue with insulated wire, but some pickups have braided ground shielding or other exposed metal. The contacts for the neck pickup face upwards in playing position, gravity brings the wire down.


If you can feel loose wires through the f-hole, see if that is the problem. You can put a piece of electrical tape or other insulator between wire and switch. I used a piece of shrink tubing, sliced along one side, have never had the problem since.


If it is the switch, look for the short-body Switchcraft switch. The longer-body switch used on Les Pauls may fit, but is harder to get into place through the f-hole.


Good luck!

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Sorry I couldn't get back right away. Thanks for all the posts.


First of all, I put this guitar upside down and shined a flashlight down the f-hole to see what kind of Switchcraft switch is in this thing. Then I went on the Stewart-McDonald website (www.stewmac.com) and found a replacement switch (Item number 1217, $12.68) as well as a whole wiring harness kit (Item number 1802 $27.98) which also includes the toggle switch. Given what barrysrq just told me in his post (thanks for the info barrysrq) I'm beginning to wonder if I need to stop at replacing just the switch! IMHO the quality control at that Chinese EPI factory is pathetic!


Stew Mac also sells a adjustable toggle switch wrench (item# 1699, $15.95) to lossen and tighten a Gibson-style toggle switch without messing it up.


I've just got something that I have to say here:I may buy another EPI guitar but not another Chinese-made Epi guitar! I've got a Korean-made orange Gretsch 5120 that I bought about five months after I bought my Dot. Everything about that Gretsch seems to be of better quality that the Dot and it has never given me a lick of trouble. The only thing that I don't like about it is the pickups and I'm getting ready to replace them with two GFS Retrotron Memphis pickups. The Gretsch 5120 was ready to play straight out of the box while everything about the Dot (bridge, pickups heights, etc) was in a mess. Granted, the 5120 was $200 more than the Dot but still I expected a better quality product for what I paid for this Dot.


Sorry to vent my spleen here, but Epiphone quality control needs to get it's act together big time! I'm debating about buying another hollowbody or semi-hollowbody with my income tax refund. I've been watching Youtuber video samples of the Broadway, Joe Pass Emperor, ES-175, and Dot Deluxe. I like what I'm hearing and I like how they look; but I will not buy or put up with another Epi electric with lousy wiring. Ain't got to do it and ain't gonna do it.


Thanks for the posts!

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