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Anyone recognize this LP custom?


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I need to consult you hardcore EPi fans:


I found this Epi LP on a Swedish guitar site:




I had some conversation by email with the seller and he claims:

-It is a LP custom.

-it has original Gibson electronics

-It is made in Korea but assembled in USA

-There is only 6 (!) of these guitars (no I'm not joking) it was some special order

-it is 2-3 years old

-it cost about 10k (SEK) and FYI a LP standard is 5k in Sweden


I've asked for serial number but haven't received it.


WHat do u think? Anyone? To me this sounds weird.

Why the heck should they do only 6 guitars?





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The closest thing Epiphone had was a Limited Edition LP Custom in natural 2 years ago. Limited Edition meaning a couple of hundred worldwide. Epiphone does not have a Custom shop which does "Special orders". "Made in Korea and assembled in USA" sounds like an outragious fabrication.


Untill he can provide some more pics of headstock, back, electronics and what not I would remain very sceptical and keep the money in your pocket.

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OK thanks, but the limited natural you two are talking about I guess looks like this:


With gold hardware and black pick guard.


And the one I talk about (which you can see in the link in my first post) doesn't look like that at all.



It has the flames in other direction, + pearl/white pick guard. I guess the light can trick you a bit though so it could be natural.

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The pearloid Pick-guard and Trussrod-cover could be aftermarket, and frankly look like they are... The wood grain admittedly is a bit of a mystery.


I'll remain very sceptical of the authenticity of this guitar. Even a limited run made exclusively for Ishibashi's Anniversary(the biggest guitardealer in Japan) amounts to several hundred. Not saying a run of 6 is totally impossible but it would be very very rare.

If so, the history of said run would undoubtedly be known to the seller. I'm thinking maybe a special serie for Gibson Europe's management or something equally unlikely...

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Thanks for the thoughts so far. If noone in this forum recognize this guitar then I guess it's something strange about the whole thing.

As paruwi6172 says, the seller must mean that 6 guitars came to Sweden.


I think I'll pass on this one, but I must say that I'm a bit curious to find out more.

Can't understand why he won't give me the serial number though [crying]

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Guest icantbuyafender

It may be a bogus epiphone. That may be why he is withholding the serial #.


Looks exceptional, if it is a fake. Its probably been modded. Id ask for a photo of the control cavity to verify the gibson components in it.

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If its a fake, it's a pretty good one from looking at that one picture.[confused]


Made and ASSEMBLED in Korea, supposedly setup in the USA. This guitar was made entirely in Korea. The box was opened in the USA, someone looked at it and said, ":yep, that's a guitar" and closed the box.


Other than that, the only way to even begin the research on this is to start with the serial number. I can't read swedish, and don't know how much 5500 in sweden translates to USD, but the guitar looks nice. It appears to have the correct headstock for a LP custom along with the proper inlays. I like the natural wood, but typical epiphone, you can tell that they put a shittload of enamel on the top coat.[crying][angry] Too bad, that might have been nice in a nitro finish.

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Thanks for the thoughts. Yesterday I gave the seller a phone call, and after that I am 100% sure that I won't buy this guitar. I think it's a fake. Maybe the seller knows, maybe he doesn't. To me it doesn't matter. The guitar does not have a serial number.

Case closed.

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