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Got Me A Texan For Christmas


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These Texans seem to be hard to find. I guess I'm lucky because Santa had one in the North Pole that he dropped off to me. Very nice looking guitar with a clean crisp sound. I'm liking it already.


The EDREAD cases for these guitars are hard to come by (back-ordered until March, I'm told), so I bought one of those Musician's Gear cases. The color scheme goes beautifully with the Texan.





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welcome to the club!

Yeah' date=' and right now because these Texans are hard to come by, it is a rather small club. So glad I got mine.


Have to say it is miles above my other Epi acoustic - the John Lennon 160-e. This Texan is so crisp and bright...and I still have the stock strings on her! The neck is super nice, my Texan plays beautifully. I was going to add a strap button, but decided I'll keep her as is. I'm really liking her as is. A very fun guitar to play. Love this guy already.



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Its really strange but my texan' date=' which I've had for a couple of months now, just seems to get better everyday. Alot of guitar for the price.




Very well said Sir! +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had this strange feeling about this guitar being "superior to the other Epi acoustics" and I was soooo right, it's not the stock, ugly-looking Dove that sits in the store for years, this is a new league and I hope Epiphone continues chosing that path!



I'm so in love with mine...! Get yourselfs one while you still can, you won't regret it!



BTW: The pickup's cool too! I've read that it's a pickup which would normally be used for classical (spanish) guitars. I've noticed that when I had both Bass and Treble on full, you can make your Texan sound like a spanish guitar but if you set both Bass and Treble on 0 you get the full Texan Western shizzle! It's really fun to play around with!

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