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Valve Jr. Issues

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About two years ago I got a Valve Junior combo for Christmas from my then-girlfriend's dad. Recently it has been acting rather strangely. I turn it on, it warms up, and I can play for maybe a minute or so before there's a barely audible scratchy kind of hiss noise as the volume suddenly drops off eventually going silent. If I turn the amp off, wait a minute, and turn it back on... the same thing happens. Anyway a quick Google search I found this page here:




A little way down the page they have my symptoms listed, but unfortunately the link listed is now dead. Anyone know what's going on? This amp's got a lot of sentimental value for me, any help is greatly appreciated.


Other things that might help... I can see a tube that glows while playing, but it does not glow after volume cuts out. I've tried switching guitars, cables, power cables, and power outlets.

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