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Update: Getting closer to my first Les Paul


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okay, I'll try to make this quick. I flew up to Milwaukee to see the opening to the new Harley-Davidson museum and I found out another museum in Milwaukee had the Les Paul exhibit (since he is from Waukesha),,,,and that was very very cool. I do have pictures, I'll post some soon. Cool Les Paul stuff.

ANYWAY, I did make it to a local guitar center to play several LP's, I must say , I was very impressed with the traditional plus and regular traditional. I played each for about 30 min. They had a gold top traditional that I am in love with, (especially after seeing some in the exhibit), what an awesome sounding guitar , the 57 pups have incredible tone. It felt and played great. I didn't want to bring it home on the plane, so I think that is the model I'm going to order. Now, I'm going to see if any shops in my area have that model and finish. I really don't want to order one on line , but as long as they have a good return policy I think it'll be okay.


I'm getting closer!!

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