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Epiphone EL-00 ?


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Just wondering if anybody has every had or still has one ?....I recently sold a 1965 Gibson LG-1 and the two look exactly the same except the Epiphone is a fraction of the price, I'd like a new bluesy guitar and i quite like the look of this one and if anybody has any first hand information that'd be appreciated.



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Hi Pentura. Welcome to the forum. There are actually quite a few threads about the EL00, though they might not be displayed right now (depending on how many weeks or months of threads you set your screen to display). You can use the Search feature in the options in the upper right hand of the screen to find them, so you can read as much discussion as possible.


The consensus seems to be that owners really like their EL00's (and I am one). It doesn't have the power or overall richness of a dreadnaught guitar (though it is surprising lound and has a snappy, if not deep low end), but it's particulary well-suited for bluesy or old-timey music; it sounds right at home there. The build quaility is good, and they are equipt with nice mini-Grovers.


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