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another repair project...many pics now....warning


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Here is another possible diamond in the rough.


Very high quality used acoustic guitar, presumably from the 70's features a back made from beautiful brazilian rosewood & flamed maple, & bridge with adjustable stringth heigth. AIMS model no MW-18D, serial no 89. Fully Bound Martin D-18 copy, from Aims. This guitar has crack in the neck near the headstock, & is NOT in mint condition. Neck is straight. Nice project with a good payback at the end if you're handy with a bottle of wood glue. You can take it today.







Any opinions?









As per request, now have interior, and fretboard closeups......







































Sorry some of the pics are blurry, hard to push the button and make sure it's aimed the right way.

whew, that was close enough to call it work for me. Who needs a mirror with these neat little digital cameras.





Alrighty then Musikron, there you go..........

by the way, the truss rod works, still looking for the friendly plastic, have the titebond, syringe, clamps, and willingness.


P.S. nothing is loose inside, felt everything that I could reach, I think the fretboard is fine for now.

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Need more info. Can you flex the crack open? Is is jagged or straight? What angle is the crack? Is it all the way through? Any wood missing? Can you take well lit clear pics of the crack (macro setting on your camera may help)?

How did the crack happen? What is the current state of the guitars environment. Temperature and humidity? Has the temp, RH been stable over the last few months?

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Are you good at stuff like that? Think you could replace that inlay? Do you have wood working experience? I wouldn't buy it then pay someone to fix it up if I were you. But if you have the proper skills and the time place tools to do it then by all means, get it. I have its sister guitar (Morris) and it spanks my real Martin.

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If the crack 'near the headstock' is the scarf joint, the action could be high. If not play it until the joint fails. Then make a hide glue fix, then repair the finish. With a cracked neck like this I wouldn't go much higher than fifty bucks. Though repair able it is kind of a pain in the neck repair. That and not too many buyers are interested in fixer-uppers, seeing as how a 'serviceable' guit tar can be purchased for around a hunnert bucks.

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we are in a holding pattern, circling the airport, waiting for permission to land..............lol


Have been working such long hours lately, people recycle too much after the holidays.


Based on the pics, was there anything you noticed that needs attention, other than the obvious neck repairs? I thought the frets were fine, but you are the pro.

I am still in search of the friendly plastic. If that is not available, is there an acceptable substitute, and was this for the neck repair?


I had to flex the break open just to slip the paper in for the pics, so not a great deal of movement there. Have a smallish injection tool for the glue, but not that small that

I will be able to ensure the glue gets to the central portion of the neck.


Some advice on that issue would be helpful, I had thought small bit drilled holes, and wood filler, not planning on re-sale route with this one.


So, that's where we are at.



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