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Holiday Vacation Gas Attack


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Off this whole week for holiday shutdown so needless to say,,Im getting alot of playing in and with playing comes GAS!!!! I stopped by my local dealer last nite to wish him a Merry Christmas and pick up a few things.Let me say this about him,,he's probably one of the best independant guys out there and i've known him probably 30 years so he always take real good care of me. Anyway last nite was particularly tough for some reason,,,hes got so any nice Epis right now.Luckily the Trans amber Paul he had a few weeks ago was gone,,i would've pulled the trigger on that one for sure.Hes got a few Standard plus tops that are sweet though and i was even lookng at a Studio chameleon with some curiousity. Oh yeah,,,another tough one,,,a 3 pickup SG antique White. Gee that would sure beef up my Sg collection,,that plus my Prophecy Gx and my G-400 Korina,would go nicely together. well,,,somehow i got out of there with just my picks,polishing rags,nad Dr Ducks ax wax (simply the best polish in the WORLD)but,,,,the eeks not over yet,,,please help me.



MY Noisemakers:

Epiphone 2008 Sg Custom Prophecy GX

Epiphone 2003 Korina G-400 Sg

Epiphone 1998 Korina Explorer

Epiphone 1998 Korina Flying V

BC Rich 1981 Maple Mockingbird Handmade

Ibanez 1976 Stratocaster

Gibson 1968 Les Paul Custom

Charvel Fretless Bass

Washburn Lyon P bass

Guild Madiera P-600 Jumbo Acoustic

Applause A-25 Acoustic

Chuan Yin Marina Mark 20SS classical

Carlo Robelli 5 string Banjo

Carlo Robelli Electric Violin

Kay Electric Mandolin

Lignatone Mandolin

Midiman Radium Keyboard

2 Marshall JTM-612 60 watt 1 12 Combos

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Antique white,3 pups if it has gold hardware it's a G400 Custom and an absolutely superb guitar.My wife gave me one last Christmas and when I plugged into my JCM 800 2204 I was blown away,these guitars can wail like a banshee and take on a single coil-like clearness when all 3 pups are engaged.When you turn down the middle pup completely the guitar takes on the tonal characteristics of a standard SG.For the money you'd be hard pressed to find a better or more versatile guitar.I certainly have no regrets about mine.BTW a lot of people put down the pups saying they need to be swapped out for Gibson Burstbuckers etc. but as far as I'm concerned there's no need as this guitar sounds great and stays in tune right out of the box.


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