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Forum Needs A Permanent Reference Regarding Counterfeits

Ron G

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This make some sense to me.


Who is the judge to clear if something is legit or not?


This would make much more sense to me if Epiphone does some contribution in this case.


Would it make some sense if here is a "official member" where we can report the items to clear by Epi/Gibson?


This probably could be a "full-time-job".....[biggrin]



Of course, it's impossible to have an absolutely definitive and foolproof reference to identify counterfeit Epiphones, but the company could still publish its best guideline on the subject. And at the same time, they could encourage purchase only through authorized retailers, recommend seeing the original receipt for used guitars, etc..

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This is what I'd like to know. Back in the 70's Gibson and Fender were all over the Japanese for using their headstock shapes right? So how come you can go to this link http://www.tradetang.com/China/Guitar/2205-20-bestT0-1-0.html where the guitars not only have the headstock but the Gibson (or Gibsan in some cases)and Fender names on them without those two companies doing anything. If it's OK for the Chinese to do it but not the Japanese that's racism isn't it?

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I don't think Epihone will make a special forum or sticky for counterfeit instruments. And I understand why.


Epiphone clearly states to purchase their instruments from a authorized dealer. And if customers have any questions as to who are Epiphones authorized dealers, they should contact Epi Customer Service.


If a customer decides to purchase from ebay or a private seller, it's buyer beware.

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If a buyer is absolutely determined to buy an Epi at below retail prices, the ONLY way to be sure you're getting the real thing, is to buy from one of the many authorized retailers that also sell USED, BLEMISHED, & NEW B-STOCK Epis.


Theres no incentive for Epi. to run a forum/sticky on identifying fakes, because any purchase made through a non authorized dealer is lost revenue.


As Duane stated, anybody that wants a rediculously low priced Epi.,Gibby,____________(insert brand here)

It's "Buyer Beware".

And really, in todays market, Epi's are still reasonably priced, so, why risk buying a fake??

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Seems pretty straight forward and clear to me.


If you are truly worried about it' date=' you can send a PM to the Customer Service Forum Admin to see if Gibson's statement can be expanded on.[/quote']

Thank you for confirming that moderators are useless.


By the way, straightforward is one word (useless and illiterate).

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"•Counterfeit guitars


In our constant effort to stand by our consumers, protect them, and bring them the finest products in the world, Gibson Guitar takes a firm and aggressive stance against all makers of counterfeit guitars and their distribution channels. These low-budget, inferior guitars are pale imitations of the quality, performance, and craftsmanship of real Gibsons. We continue to hear complaints from consumers and fans who have purchased one of these guitars from websites and auction sites thinking they were getting a real Gibson. The makers and sellers of counterfeits are scamming our global family of musicians and Gibson does not take it lightly. We would like to urge all our consumers not to be taken in by the works of dishonest sellers.


If a guitar is being sold for a fraction of what it would typically sell for, it is likely not a real Gibson guitar. The best way for consumers to protect themselves against fraud is to purchase your Gibson guitar from an authorized dealer, or consult one in advance. You can also call Gibson Guitar Customer Service at 1-800-444-2766—24 hours a day, seven days a week—for any inquiries or advice. We strongly urge all consumers to be careful and aware of this worldwide problem. At Gibson, we care about our consumers, our legacy, and our name. Remember, only a real Gibson is good enough."


I fail to see what is "vague" in this statement, Ron. You stated that, "If the company is as serious as they allude to, they need to do more." What did you have in mind? Should Gibson provide "experts" to accompany buyers to parking lots to meet Craigslist sellers? If they were to publish a "definitive" set of measurements and specs for their guitars, don't you think that the counterfeit manufacturers would use these very same specs?


I guess I just don't see what you are looking for here ... care to explain?



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