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EJ-200 in sunburst


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Been trying to locate one over in england and you wouldn't believe the problems i've had, i went online and every site i went on had natural and black but no sunburst.


I then emailed as many shops i could find on google and email after email came back sorry out of stock awaiting delivery from epiphone sometime after march, i must have had 30 emails all saying out of stock.

But then out of the blue i got an email from a shop in preston called www.HWMusic.co.uk saying we have 1 left , i contacted then straight away and will be here on monday.


I have never owned an epiphone so looking forward to it, alot of people must have received these guitars christmas day.


Kind regards Carl

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I have one of these myself which I got for Christmas 2008 from my lovely Mrs but i know that there are not many in the shops now. I think i read a while back it was because epiphone changed their european distribution model.


anyway, I've noticed a fair few on ebay lately and although its not always great to buy from there you can sometimes pick up a little bargain


check this one out


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