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Broadway Bridge


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I received a Broadway for Christmas and ordered a bigsby for it. i have read that the rosewood bridge does not hold up well with the bigbsy but i dont know what bridge would fit the broadway and suggentions?



Yes, you are right there. The rosewood bridge and it's rather small threaded posts

that support the upper half of the bridge from the base, will not last long if

you start pulling on it with a Bigsby. You will get a lean on those posts very quickly.


You need a archtop roller bridge like GFS offers.



As far as installing the Bigsby yourself on a Broadway..it can be a bit tricky

as the alignment of the Bigsby taipiece is more critical to even string pressure

than the frequensator that the Broadway comes with.


You need to determine the center line of the tp vs the center line of the fingerboard

and perhaps to some degree the p_ups..although there is usually enough room

to move those either way for centering.


As our friend Musikron is suggesting...unless you want to experiment with the

trial and error method yourself and fill any erroneous holes with glue and toothpicks

and start over..best to take it in to someone who has some experience doing this

kind of retrofit.

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