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sd pup's verses gfs' pup's


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I decided on a Duncan SH-2n Jazz neck, and the Duncan SH-4 JB for my Joe Pass Emperor.


If I want more of a Jazz tone I can throw on a set of Thomastik Jazz Swings on, and the ebony bridge.


I was aiming for more versatility on my Emperor II, which I think this combination gives me.


I can also have brighter strings D'Addario XL nickel wound medium top/heavy bottom (on there at the moment) and use a secondary GFS tune-o-matic bridge I have, and that gives a different tone which I enjoy.


The SH-2n Jazz is a very versatile p_up that you might want to consider.

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I had GFS Vintage 59's in my Sheraton, which were OK, and I have an SD '59 in another guitar. The SD is a warmer, richer, all-round classier sound. If cost is the main factor the GFS are good, but if you can spend the extra go for the SD, you won't regret it if you hear them side by side.

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witch will crank out the better jazz sound on a hollow body archtop the sd 59's or gfs's 59's ? [confused] . happy new year to all!


It all depends on your taste in guitar jazz. Wes Montgomery played an L5

with Classic 57s and from what I've heard flatwound strings. Of course he

played it through a $2500 Standel amp, so I'm sure that had something to

do with his sound as well as his thumb and propensity to play octaves.

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