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Laid down a lead track for some chap in Ont Canada

duane v

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A nice fellow from the Gibby forums was asking folks to come up with a lead solo for his song (which is a fantastic song IMO). So I volunteered and came up with this lead solo.


Keep in mind I put the lead solo way up front in the mix so he can hear all of it, certainly if he likes the solo he will mix it in so that it blends in more with the music......


Kinda a cool you can record a guitar track for someone over the web these days[blink]


The lead solo at the 3:00 mark



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I approve...


Is that the white LP Custom?


Yeppers!!![cool] ... How could you tell???[biggrin]



I like both his track and your solo Duane.


What gear were you two using?




On the solo I'm using a VOX AC50CPH combo amp with a Keeley 4-knob Compressor, and a MXR Carbon Copy analog Delay.


I think Shred is using a Mesa Boogie for the rhythm tracks.


BTW thanx for the kind words fellas

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