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1980's Epiphone PR-300?


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Hi everyone


does anyone own or know anything about 1980's PR-300's there is one for sale for 999 Swedish krona ($140)


Just trying to figure out if it is worth driving a two hour round trip to take a look at it at that price.... This is the actual guitar in the photo



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Joe, the VG price guide lists a 1992 to 2000 PR-200 (AKA EA-200) spruce-top dreadnought satin finish, mahogany back and sides, natural finish valued at $150/$225 USD for low/high excellent condition.


There's a 1984 to 2000 PR-350 acoustic flatop, mahogany body for $200/$250 USD for low/high excellent condition. Also a PR-350 CE (cutaway version of the 350) valued at ~$75 more. No mention of a PR-300 though.


From Walter Carter's Epiphone History book (which does not show every price list ever printed), the PR-350 shows up consistently from 1989 to 1995 when the book was last published. The cheaper PR-200 doesn't show up until 1992 and continues on until the last publish date as well.


Assuming it's a PR-350 of some flavor (there were several available finishes and an optional mfr-installed pickup in addtion to the cutaway option) and it's in good condition and playable, it looks like $140 is good price. With an HSC, it would be even better.


Cheers, Brian

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A few months ago I purchased a 1991 PR350E for $125 US. It is in excellent condition except that the e-pickup isn't working. It didn't matter that the p/u wasn't working because I have no intentions of getting an amp for it.



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