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epiphone explorer hardware chrome?


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Oi I have one doubts and necessary of aid, I bought one epiphone to only explorer 1958 ebony Korea the 2007 body and the arm without the hardware, and already I obtained pickups epiphone chrome of the Les Paul Standard, but the original Hardware was Gold, but I want to use to advantage the pair of pickups that I have, I would like to know if existed some epiphone to explorer black with the hardware chrome? If yes they can inform which bridge to me and tarraxas used this model p I to try to mount my most similar one?


I am of Brazil I forgive for the errors of orthography

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any standard metric bridge in chrome will fit the explorer, most likely.

www.allparts.com has a bunch of bridges.




I don't know what a tarraxas is.. tailpiece? probably as you'd want them both.


you have to match your specs.. for the size of the post.. the size of the bushing.. the string spacing..


Here's a korean chrome bridge:



I don't know the bushing size though.. you may need:



I'd have to find out which has the larger bushings..


and then there's this:



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But somebody knows if epiphone already arrived to manufacture a Explorer with the chromed hardware of this skill that I cited? Already vi some photos in google but I do not know if it is original or if somebody modified the guitars. Already I obtained the parts that had cited me and already I made the white shield of a layer, tuning original I I find that they had to be of the mark jinho Korea I already I am seeing p to also buy ones chromed of these[confused]

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Epiphone does not make an Explorer with chrome hardware. I don't believe they have made one in the past either. I personally got a Gothic Explorer and put chrome hardware on it myself:




A white pick guard is next [confused]

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Pretty Sjael its guitar. already I mounted my entire and briefing I dispatched by post photos pickguard I made in white PVC I was tolerable therefore I did not find the material correct, the specifications thus:


Tuning: Jinho J07 6L Korea chrome, the original jinho j04 gold or j802 gold

Bridge and tail pieces: sungil chrome Korea bm002, ts001

Pickups: 2 epiphone les paul standard

3 Potentiometers: US 500k A and 2 B

3 Knob style standard Gibson sg

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