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Anyone gassing for a Del Rey? (Nevada)


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Nice Avatar Mr. H just thought you should keep in mind the weight of SG determined by hardware too.

I have a mid seventies SG Custom with Bixby and you need to have a six inch wide strap to play it standing.

Need to be Paul Bunyan to gig with that, but it has been around the block. Had to dowel the bridge anchors to fill the egg shaped holes from the old bridge hardware. Three PU's add more weight. Should get some P-90's

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Brian, these are great guitars.

I have heard that some do not like the OBL pickups.

I have had no problem with mine.

Plays like a dream and can get many different sounds.

Mine is a 97. Picked it up for $265 including hard case about 2-3 years ago.

Will never sell unless necessary.

If you are looking for something different, pick it up.

24 frets and a cross between a PRS and LP Double Cut.

Wide neck.

A reissue with a set neck and real maple cap would be great.







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Hi Mark, it was your beauty I was thinking of when I posted the link.


I'd consider it, but I've got too many guitars right now plus the IBJL Casino condundrum to deal with.


But it looks like a nice giter, someone here should snag it...

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I read your post about your IBJL and know that feeling - should it stay or should it go.

I think you got a good deal on it, but if you do not love it, no reason to keep it.


I have a MIK casino that needs a little tlc with the electronics (pots need cleaned or replaced).

I have pondered a thought of a IBJL or Elitest (Made in USA not in my range).

As it is, I don't get enough time with each of my electrics to satisfy my urges,

but the Del Rey is one I usually go to, along with my Riviera (my best playing and sounding archtop).


Once you get the casino issue resolved, and another Del Rey comes up, I'd snag it.

For the price range, $300 - $400 (and I would try to get one around the $300),

it's not a bad price for a fun playing Epi.



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