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Masterbilt status


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Do we know what the status of the Masterbilt line is?


They seem to be out of stock at all of the online dealers. Musician's Friend has an in-stock date of later this month, but those dates are generally meaningless.


If they will be returning... what are the chances we'll add a Super Jumbo model? I'd pay $800 or so for an SJ-500 model.


There was an Elitist J-45 and SJ-200, after all...

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I am curious as well. I ordered an AJ-500ME from Musicians Friend in early December because I'd heard the line was being discontinued. A day later they showed as no longer in stock, so lucky me.


Out of curiosity, I checked again a few days ago and GC had the AJ-500ME listed as discontinued. After I saw this post, I checked the GC site and now they have an expected date of December, 2010. Prior to buying mine, I had been looking for the sunburst version and checked with Epiphone. Got an e-mail from them confirming that the sunburst had been discontinued, though it's still shown on the site as an option, so they aren't exactly forthcoming with info on the site.

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