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Sheraton II Athenticity question


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Hello all,

I just got a new Sheraton II. I love the guitar put all this talk about fake Epis has made me paranoid. Maybe someone can put my mind to rest...! The serial number is 0812210190 and is located inside the top f hole. There is no other number on the guitar. I removed one pickup and it reads Epiphone on the bottom engraved. Does all this mean its an original or not.

Thanx in advance!


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Hello Mario, welcome to the forum.


Most of the fakes so far have been Les Pauls, but as long as you bought it from an authorized Epiphone dealer like Sweetwater, Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, etc., you have nothing to worry about.


You did but it from an authorized Epi dealer, right?


If not, post some pics, but a Sheraton II is not a commonly counterfeited guitar. In fact I don't think I've ever seen one here or elsewhere. Here's the pic posting tutorial: http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=8886


Edit: There was this one dealer that was trying to sell this Sheri as US-made at a guitar show recently. It's easy to see someone had scatched part of the Made in Korea silkscreen off:



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I recently bought a used white sheraton II (Korean made)

Love the guitar but confused by the serial number. Just like the above photo on this thread the serial number begins S920....

Conventional wisdom would have the first letter showing it was made at the Samik factory, the first number showing it was made in 1999 and the next two numbers showing the month. Which is where '20' doesn't make sense. Can anyone shed light on this? The guitar dater site does not recognize the number....

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Hmmmm - serial number not recognised





thats a little suspicious' date=' but sure the guys here will be able to give a better steer [/quote']


It's not suspicious, Epiphone changed the format in 2008 and the Guitar Dater hasn't been upgraded.


I've posted this many times before, the Serial # decoder is not a database of guitars. All it does is recognizes an alpha numeric pattern. It's hit and miss on the 1960s Gibson made Epis, doesn't recognize anything from 1970 until the early '90s, nothing made in Japan, and nothing after 2008. The only thing it does well is the Korean era 1993 - 2008, and even then it will confuse a 1982 MIJ Matsumoku with a 1992 Korean because the pattern is similar.


The Guitar Dater will not tell you if it's real or a fake.


I think the number reads as follows: YYMMFFRRRR


08 for 2008


12 for Dec.


21 for Unsung' date=' Korea (factory number code)


0190 for ranking number [/quote']


I believe you are correct, sir.

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Stevie Boy..............would that not be' date=' S(Samic)92(year)0?(month)xxxx(id#)?[/quote']


S(Samick)92(year)03(month)xxx(id#). This was just around the time they started this format, my guess is that they started with 3 digits id# but soon realize they would need a fourth.

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thanks Jerry


I thought it was an exhaustive list



Hey, no problem. I just looked at my post, it looks like I was yelling at you. Sorry!!! I was just trying to emphasize that point because so many people are worried about fakes.


Punch this number into the guitar dater and see what happens:




Take care

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Thank you Gentlemen, that would make a lot of sense, based on discolouration, and a little crack in the plastic binding next to each fret ...this could easily be 18 yrs old. Practically no fret wear though and in great shape - sounds sweet (maybe a little muddy low end). Thanks again!

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