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string ( for jazz playing) on sheraton II


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Hello, everyone.

It is time for me to change the string for my newly bought sheraton II sunburst which i LOVE!

now i got into jazz and blues etc.

which string should i get?

i know that there are many options such as material, gauge, etc

i heard certain strings are optimized for specific guitars etc

i think i want to try flatwound but i have no idea what material i should use and what gauge?


again i have sheraton II and i want jazz sound!!!


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I've been using Thomastik-Infeld George Benson 12's (flatwounds) on my Sheri sunburst for the past several years. In my experience, they're the best for my kind of music. I did have to re-do the truss rod tension, then redid the bridge height, etc. It's worth it. I regularly get comments about the great sound.

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Heavy gauge round-wounds for blues' date=' and flat-wounds for jazz.










I use these

D'Addario chrome jazz lights 11-50





BTW Hungrycat, you have seen a Herb Ellis, well sort of, it's in my avatar, the Epi version of it at least. Minor differences of couse.

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Hello, I play Blues/Jazz at clubs throughout Texas and I use D'Addario Chrome Jazz, I've been using 12s lately.

One thing is you will have to adjust the action and truss rod a bit, I had to even mess with the pole screws on the pick-ups(that's just cause I'm a tone freak).

But if you're just starting off I suggest D'Addario 11s, can't beat them, they're as good as anything.

The tone really has a lot to do with your amp, style and pick-ups. One of my primary guitars is actually an Epi Dot which has benedetto pick-ups installed.

In my experience Tone is really a personal choice, some like solid clean (like me) and others I've heard have some effects put to their sound. For amps I've changed amps several times throughout my career recently settling on an old peavey I found.


Hope that helps [wink] good luck.

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