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Epi Dot Tuner Replacement


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Yes, but only a little. I put a few sets of Grover Vintage Green Keytones on my Epis, for aesthetics. I put a set of GFS green Keystones on and they lined up perfectly with the hole in the back of the headstock. But, I like the feel of the Grovers better. FYI - the Gibson tuners cost more, and are made by Grover. The best price I found on the Grovers was thru Stewmac.


Grovers, look at the bottom two, you can see a litle bit of the hole, but no much.




GFS, holes lined up perfectly. I needed to get the larger bushing, which they sell, because the Epis have 10mm holes. These are a Kluson style tuner that fits 8mm holes.



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If you'd like, go here:


and check out my report on my new, limited edition'59 Dot. I swapped out the stock tuners (too green and goofy looking for my taste) to a new set of Tonepro/Kluson tulip button tuners and they were a drop in. The two holes for the screws on each tuner were maybe a hundreth of an inch off but they went right in and there were no additional holes to drill. I even used the stock bushings instead of the ones that came with the tonepros and they were a drop in as well.

I think they look like a million bucks and work so smoothly and hold tune like crazy !!

Email me off post if you want additional info on where I bought them (cheap) and any other questions.


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