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Virtuoso Guitar Polish in UK


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Hi all


In another thread folk were extoling the virtues of this product.


I contacted the company for UK availablity and received repsonse below.


Thank you for your interest in Virtuoso Premium Products. Unfortunately, we do not have a UK dealer at the present time. If you would like to order our products, you can do so via our secure shopping cart on our website www.virtuosopolish.com


We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover as well as payments via Paypal.


If you have any other questions, please contact us at your convenience!


Best wishes


Kirsten Powell

The Virtuoso Group, Inc.


I will be placing an order later.

I believe Elderley will also ship to UK

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Bit of a rad suggestion here, this being a Gibson forum.....

Gibson Guitar Polish

Sometimes called Gibson Pump Polish - because of the bottle it comes in. Less than five English Pounds from innumerable UK outlets, and designed for older nitro finishes.


Worth mentioning in light of other threads on here - Gibson do a superb string cleaner too, called Luthiers Choice, again widely available in the UK and less than a fiver (about 3 quid I think) for a little white squidgy bottle with blue writing.


My personal nitro cleaning mix is equal parts Turpentine (White Spirit at a pinch), Boiled Linseed Oil and Methylated Spirit (ideally Pure Wood Alcohol or Methanol - but you will be hard pushed to persuad a pharmacist to sell it to you).

And for strings - iso-propyl alcohol, again you have to work on your pharmacist, or pay through the nose for electronics cleaning spray or similar.


The secret is - use sparingly and only when necessary.

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Gibson brand polish is great! I've used it for over 35 years. Cleans well, give a good long lasting shine, and leaves the guitar feeling silky. Applies easy, and comes off clean. It doesn't leave a greasy film like Martin polish, and some other brands does.


Virtuoso is 3x the cost of Gibson pump polish. But well worth it IMO.


Kind of like the difference between regular and premium gas. Reg. works great, but premium, while costing just pennies more, burns cleaner leaving behind fewer deposits.

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A cheap alternative?


I was advised by my teacher to use a non-silicon furniture polish. The 2 in the UK I know of are Sparkle and Mr Sheen. I always buy Mr Sheen for my wife and use it on my guitars and it works just fine. Not sure Sparkle is around any more. Used very sparingly Mr Sheen shines up the nickle hardware on my 35 as well.


No good for strings. I have a bottle of Kyser (I think) which I use occasionally and seems OK.


Not tried any of the higher end products but have never felt the need to yet.

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