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New Old Guy here!


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From another ol guy here,,welcome to the forum!!! If i had to guess i would say G-400s probably come wih 10's Atleast that's what i like on mine ( a '98 limited edition Korina from the Unsung factory)But heck,thats what i put on everything. Do you have one??or are you gassin for one,,if you have one,,lets see it!!! I'll show you mine.



MY Noisemakers:

Epiphone 2008 Sg Custom Prophecy GX

Epiphone 2003 Korina G-400 Sg

Epiphone 1998 Korina Explorer

Epiphone 1998 Korina Flying V

BC Rich 1981 Maple Mockingbird Handmade

Ibanez 1976 Stratocaster

Gibson 1968 Les Paul Custom

Charvel Fretless Bass

Washburn Lyon P bass

Guild Madiera P-600 Jumbo Acoustic

Applause A-25 Acoustic

Chuan Yin Marina Mark 20SS classical

Carlo Robelli 5 string Banjo

Carlo Robelli Electric Violin

Kay Electric Mandolin

Lignatone Mandolin

Midiman Radium Keyboard

2 Marshall JTM-612 60 watt 1 12 Combos

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By the way ' date=',,sweet lookin Paul there Anthem[/quote']


-Thanks. She's my '02 Unsung Classic Quilt Top. But right now she looks like this. I'll just post the link since there are too many pics to show. Sorry for some of the bad pics. I'm going to retake quite a few. But I'm going to knock the gloss off of the finish so it's more of a satin finish. The one thing that's always bugged my about it is that it looks like it was dipped in plastic. Pretty soon, no more!


Gutted Lester Pics




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What age do you have to be here to be considered "old"? What about "curmudgeon"?


I turn 50 in a few weeks.


One reason I like these forums better than, say, Ultimate Guitar, is there are more people in my general age bracket, vs. my 16 year old son's age group.

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Let me add my own words of welcome, Gasee ... I'm a 1956'er as well and glad to have you here. That git of your's is hot, hot HOT. I do love me an SG with a Maestro!


After thirty years of "making a living" in the business world, I returned to being a "professional", union-dues-paying musician again here in Vegas at the tender age of 53! I say, as long as your knuckles aren't too stiff ... KEEP PLAYING THAT ROCK 'N ROLL!


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