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I bought a thunderbird bass and checking if its fake or not please help out


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I bought this 2 years ago and i wanted to make sure that it is not fake' date=' it says on the back Handcrafted in Korea, with a code like this I06040084


its got kind of like a sunburst or a rosewood colour[/quote']

Pictures would be required for those here to scrutinize. Curiosity has me asking why are you questioning authenticity two years after purchase?


The "code" is the guitar's Serial Number, and it shows that your bass made at the Saein Plant, Korea in April 2006, Production Number: 0084.


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Thank you for the reply, I do not have any pictures of the Guitar but after looking through the internet for a while, i have not found a difference between my Bass and the others.


when i phoned up this guy from a Guitar shop in my city he said the Epiphone thunderbirds are mainly sunburst, but mine is a Rosewood colour so i was wondering if it might have been a fake


looks exactly like this


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