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Help w/ Epiphone "E" on pickguard

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I've had my Dot for 2 1/2 years and the "E" is still on there.. ]



...as are most of mine. I have a Casino, 2 Rivieras (6 & 12 string) and a Dot ES 335 I T. Only the ones on the Dot (why they call it a Dot when it has blocks instead of dots is beyond me) and the 6 string Riviera came off, & I glued the Riviera's back on right away. I think they look better with the €, but if you guys want to pull yours off, go right ahead, it's your guitar. I did however pull the plastic off the pickguard, and the 2 sticky labels off the pickups.

I bought my daughter a blue Supernova guitar, and the € is still on it.

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You got the light right with that photograph man....that Dot looks stunning.....in fact right sexy....




Thanks' date=' Joe! I used a simple 3-way bulb on low (50-100-150 watt), up high on a lamp pole, in a low-lit room, and I used a tripod. I also used the timer on the camera (tripod and timer very important for clear photos!)..











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