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SG-400 limited edition 1966 IN NATURAL BURST????


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The natural burst sg does exist. I actually purchased one about a week ago. They were produced on a limited run and only a handful were actually made. I purchased mine from alpha music in virginia beach, va for 399.99 plus tax. I was told that they only recieved 3 of the insturments and only certain Gibson dealers were selected to recieve the insturments. I am also in the process of finding out more about the guitar. I am very curious to how many of the guitars were actually produced.

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can anyone confirm that this exists? i mean... natural burst?

strange' date=' i can only find it one store... here http://www.thomann.de/pt/epiphone_ltdedition_1966_g400_nb.htm


Welcome to the forum.

Nice to see another Portuguese dude around here.


As Peter said, Thomann don't sell fakes so you'll be fine.

I have had my eye on that one for a while but can't buy now having just received my Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1959, which, by the way, I got from Thomann (none in Lisbon at the time, or now for that matter).

It took a little over a week to get to me and in perfect shape.

So, if you like it, go for it.

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That looks great. Looks a lot better than it does in the thomann pictures. Looked a bit anemic in those shots I thought. Be sure to post some more pictures in some better lighting so we can get a proper perve at it!

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