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New LP Goldtop in da house - yes!


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So thrilled - I got my 2004 Les Paul Classic Goldtop today! [biggrin]

Bought it from a music store in east Sweden (I live on the west coast).

One owner but in mint condition. The plastic on the pickguard was still on!


2004 Korean

Mahogony/mahogony/Maple Top

Grover 12:1 tuners

Epiphone Alnico "Classic Style" Double Black Humbuckers


Here we go, ain't she a beauty?:


With my Baja Tele, LP Standard (my HSS Hwy 1 Strat not in picture)


The back of this guitar is beautiful. Photo without flash to show:


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Thanks! The reason for posting was that these Epi Goldtops are really hard to find in Sweden. In the UK you can find some on ebay, but mostly '56's. Haven't seen a classic Goldtop for sale in Sweden for long time. Well, there are two Slash's in a store in Gothenburg but for €800 each and I cannot really justify that. Except the pups and the fact that the Classic is a Korean, I don't really know the difference?

Nevermind, I played it today and no surprises really. A decent player I would say.

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In Peter's music store link from Germany there are Seymor Duncans in that Goldtop.

Anyone knows what pups in mine from 2004?

(I know I wrote the specs in my first post but I got those from harmony-central so i can't really confirm what pups in mine)


That guitar for €499 is not a bad deal. I paid €350 for mine. However we can't really compare Swedish and German prices. As everything else guitars are quite expensive back home. As I travel to the US in my work I try to buy guitar stuff over there...

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