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I just yanked out my Casino, 2007 Elitist. The neck joint is at the 16th fret, but pickup height looks like your friend's MIK version, the P-90 cover is well below the end of the fingerboard, and the pickguard is also low enough to be no problem. How does the IBJL play, does it make a sonic difference?

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The Chinese IBJL's will be more correct, overall, than the Korean versions, to the 1965 USA Casinos.

The only other version, besides the "real" JL Casino's, and the Elitist, to be done that way. The only

real difference, spec wise, is the multi-piece necks, on the IBJL Casinos...Heel, and Headstocks are

grafted on, instead of being a one piece neck/heel/headstock, which the originals were. That's pretty

common, nowadays.



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Just checked my own (Vintage) '66 Casino, and the neck pickup cover, is (from the side view) more like

your friends Korean version...but, when I look at your photo, of the view from the back...mine seems to

be identical, to the height in relation to the binding on the fingerboard, and the height of the pickup cover.


And, by the two side view photos, you've posted, there is a slight angle difference, in camera position

(or the way the guitars are tilted) that may account, for the percieved height differences?


If you're not having any problems, when it's set up the way you like it, I wouldn't worry about it. There are

always going to be slight differences, guitar to guitar...even from the same factory...never mind different

countries, with different specs.





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How does the IBJL play' date=' does it make a sonic difference?[/quote']

I'm still just getting to know this guitar, and not having one previously, it's hard for me to judge comparatively. I really like the P-90 tone, but the neck width is roughly the same as my Rivieras and Sheraton - too thin for my fat fingers, so I have to be more careful than normal when picking arpeggios.


My friend also brought over a Ibanez Artist 250 - their "budget" Artist that he got off eBay for $285. That guitar was incredible - wide neck, low action, no fret buzz, great electroncs and a beautiful flame top. It kinda freaked me out - an even better and cheaper closet classic than any Epi or Agile I've seen lately...







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